A 6-Year-Old Boy Is Still Missing After Being Swept Down The Murray River Yesterday

The Murray River near Koondrook/ Google Maps.

NSW and Victorian police, divers, SES, NSW Maritime and volunteers continue to search for a six-year-old boy who was swept down the Murray River yesterday.

The search has resumed this morning after police efforts were called off overnight due to poor visibility.

The Murray RIver/ Google Maps.

The boy was swimming with six other children at a campsite on Gunbower Island in Koondrook, Victoria when a current took them downstream.

When several adults jumped into the water to help the struggling children out they couldn’t find the six-year-old boy.

Police were called to a campsite in Koondrook, on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, at about 2:30pm on Saturday.

Discover Murray, a local tourism website for the Murray River says water safety is paramount when on and in the Murray River, “Fatalities do occur. Be careful.”

In its recommendations the website says “Anyone that uses the river needs to understand and be aware of the dangers.

“It is always strongly recommended that children wear life jackets near and around water at all times.”

It is unknown if the child was wearing a flotation device at the time of the incident.

In May this year the river was named the most dangerous river in the country for drownings.

A report released by the Royal Life Saving Society revealed that 735 people have drowned in Australian rivers, creeks and streams across a 10-year period.

Royal Life Saving CEO Justin Scarr, said that rivers often lull people into a false sense of safety.

“Although you may be familiar with your area and regularly swim, boat or fish in your local creeks and streams, these figures show that many people underestimate just how risky the river environment can be. Conditions can change quickly and when something goes wrong, the outcome is often fatal,” Mr Scarr said.

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