A 4-Step Startup Plan For Every Aspiring Founder, According To South Park's Eric Cartman

South Park’s first episode of its 18th season is dedicated to founding a startup.

In the episode, Eric Cartman decides to found a company so he can do nothing for the rest of his life. He realises the trademark “Washington Redskins” has recently become available, and he uses the brand name to create a successful campaign on Kickstarter.

“Washington Redskins” becomes infamous for its tagline, “F..k You,” and for being a startup that raised money for promising to do absolutely nothing in return.

As Cartman is plotting his startup success, he comes up with a four-step plan to follow. It is:

Eric cartman south park startup planSouth ParkEric Cartman’s 4-step plan to starting a successful company

SPOILER ALERT: In the end, Kickstarter’s headquarters gets destroyed by the Washington Redskins football team.

Cartman’s company pivots to become a Kickstarter rival that takes 5% of all successfully funded projects. This enables Cartman to continue running a company that collects money in return for doing no work.

A mob of angry football fans then comes to Cartman’s office. The mob demands Cartman’s company shuts down. Cartman and his friends go back to school and give up the company.

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