A 23-Year-Old Australian Could Spend At Least 18 Months In An Indonesian Jail

Facebook/ Jake Drage

Jake Drage, 23, who is on trial in Indonesia for killing a west Java women in a motorbike accident, could spend a minimum 18 months behind bars.

The prosecutor told the court yesterday that Drage should receive a minimum sentence of at least 18 months, charged with “reckless” driving causing death.

He currently faces a maximum sentence of six years.

At the time of the incident Drage was driving without an Indonesian driver’s licence, his Australian licence had expired, and his tourist visa and passport were also out of date.

The West Australian has been in custody since the June 30, in which time he has converted to Islam.

In a statement issued from his cell last month, Drage said the victim’s family had been very kind to him.

“The accident leaves me with a sadness that is very difficult to describe and I want to thank her family for all the kindness and goodwill they have shown me,” he said.

The victim’s husband has said he did not want to press charges against Drage, saying the Australian has shown sympathy and donated about $3000 to the family as compensation.

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