A Charming 2012 Christmas Poem, For Wall Streeters, By Wall Streeters

bad santa

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The Street Before Christmas 2012by Eddie Braverman

‘Twas the Street Before Christmas Two Thousand and Twelve
And everyone on Wall Street was hustling like elves

We’ve got a Mayan apocalypse we have to deal with
And if that doesn’t pan out there’s a big fiscal cliff!

It’s been a strange year, these twelve months gone past
A year marked by scandals and fortunes amassed
Let’s take a random walk down Memory Lane
Recounting the moments, both losses and gains.

We’ll start with the big stuff; the moments of pith
Like the New York Times Op-Ed by Goldman’s Greg Smith
He resigned citing greed running through the whole clan
I guess he stayed there twelve years for the great dental plan.

And speaking of Goldman, I’ll bet Lloyd was hangdog
At the retirement party for Lucas van Praag
The Vampire Squid will never be the same
Without LvP’s gift for shifting the blame.Morgan Stanley proved that we have much to learn
About IPO pricing and money to burn
If you want Morgan Stanley to give you the goodies
You better start with Asperger’s and a wardrobe of hoodies

What about Citi? That smelly dumpster fire.
They got beat on Smith Barney and forced Vik to retire
It’s a mystery to me how those guys avoid jail
We should just break them up; you can ask Sandy Weill

Who should we hit next? Whose epic fail?
How ’bout Jamie Dimon and his big London Whale!
Iksil bought SWAPs with reckless abandon
When he was done JP Morgan was barely left standin’.

And while we’re discussing losses a-mounting
Who the hell was doing MF Global’s accounting?
“Where’s all our money?” the customers whined
Congratulations, you fools, you all got Corzined!

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