A 12-year-old wrote an incredible note to her little sister's bullies

When 12-year-old Ava discovered that her little sister was being bullied, she didn’t defend her in a schoolyard confrontation. Instead, the big sister opted to fight back with an invitation.

On the front of the folded piece of pink aper, Ava wrote “You’re invited!” and drew a picture of a heart, leading the bullies to believe they were getting invited to some sort of a party.

But once the card is opened, the three bullies can see that they are invited to “stop being jerks” to Ava’s little sister.

[Warning: Strong language]

The invitation shows that the event is happening “right now” at the location of “everywhere,” and the three girls are told to “bring [their] nasty attitude and throw it right in the trash can.”

Ava wrote that the bullies could RSVP at “(859) BYE-JERK” or “[email protected]” 

“If you can’t make it, don’t worry, you are welcome to come to my angry and emotional [seventh] grader wrath instead,” the invitation reads.

The back of the invite includes the word “stop” written in 20 different languages.

The photos were shared on Twitter by @DaisyBHelm, who claims to be a babysitter for Ava and her sister. The 16-year-old said Ava “destroyed” those bullies with the note.

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