A $1.5 Million Dinner Is Being Held In Tasmania Tonight

Invited guests sample local produce at the Restaurant Australia Marketplace event at Macquarie Wharf in Hobart. Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

How much does it cost to take the world to dinner?

About $1.5 million, according to Tourism Australia which tonight is hosting a dinner for 250 people at a gallery in Tasmania as part of its Restaurant Australia campaign .

That’s $6,000 a head and includes the cost of flying “influencers” in, picking up the cheque after the meal and accommodation in Hobart.

Here’s what the inside of the gallery looks like.

The dinner is being funded by Tourism Australia and all the states and territories, a number of airlines including Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways, and industry groups including Ultimate Wineries of Australia and Wine Australia.

The entire Restaurant Australia campaign will cost about $40 million over 18 months as Tourism Australia rolls it out across the globe, a spokesperson said.

“This final phase of the campaign will see more than 80 of the world’s leading food and wine influencers come to Australia to experience our people, produce and place across all of our states and territories. Each influencer is experiencing a bespoke four-day famil trip to sample our remarkable food and wine experiences and then we will bring them all together – with some of Australia’s leading food and wine writers, bloggers and chefs – at an incredible dinner to be held at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart, Tasmania,” Tourism Australia said in a statement.

The group said the campaign is about educating the world about Australia’s restaurants and culture.

“We estimate the more than 80 international food and wine influencers have a potential reach of around 400 million consumers in our key markets,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re hosting around 20 Australian food and wine media, in addition to the 86 international food and wine influencers, many of whom are writers, TV presenters and broadcasters, critics, columnists, bloggers.

“Hosting international media is a normal and significant part of what we do, as a national tourism organisation. A very successful way of getting influential media to sample Australia as a holiday destination and share the experience with their audience, followers.”

In the May budget the Federal government allocated $130 million in funding to Tourism Australia as well as $13.5 million for its Asia marketing fund.

All states and territories were invited to pitch for tonight’s dinner. Tourism Australia said Tasmania’s proposal was judged as the best.

Each of the delegates has an individual itinerary spanning, in most cases, up to four days.

About 86 itineraries cover more than 1,000 different food, wine and culinary experiences all over Australia.

“Australia’s food and wine has become one of its greatest assets with a range and quality of produce that is second to none. Yet, remarkably, the appeal of Australian food and wine remains one of our best-kept secrets,” Tourism Australia said.

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