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What's Happening

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Trump aides reportedly asked a top pick for the Pentagon: 'What would it take for you to resign?'

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'Broken' Ariana Grande speaks out following attack at her concert in Manchester

Starbucks is fighting for its 'heart and soul' as furious baristas slam the 'cult that pays $9 an hour'

Here come new home sales ...

The man who attacked the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester is about to be named

Read the notes Trump, Obama, Clinton, and Bush left at the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem

Here's why some coins have ridges on their side

This is the new best whiskey in the world, according to an international spirits competition

An entrepreneur who has hired over 1,000 people shares 10 pieces of advice for getting your first job

This is Snapchat's latest attack in its Stories war with Facebook

A crowdfunding campaign to support the families of Manchester attack victims has raised £200,000 in 4 hours