96.7% Of The Time You Spend At B-School Is Completely Wasted


The debate over whether or not an entrepreneur should get an MBA has strong advocates on both sides.

In a talk at Stanford earlier this year, 37Signals co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson adds fuel to the side that, for individuals who want to start their own business, MBAs are pretty useless.

Hansson says that “96.7% of the time” he spent at Copenhagen Business School was completely wasted. In fact, he thinks that he came out of it “slightly damaged” when it came to actually starting a business.

B-school, he explains, “is not very well-suited to the real world of just building a product, pleasing customers, and making profits as a business.”

Hansson continues on to say that almost all of the tools that you learn end up being completely irrelevant, particularly for a business that’s just starting out. Which is why, as an entrepreneur, you end up having to “unlearn” most of your MBA.

Check out the clip, from Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner:

Click here to see the rest of Hansson’s talk at Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner>

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