See How A $954,000 Ferrari Left Permanent Skid Marks On An Ancient Chinese Landmark

ferrari skids

Photo: screenshot via CNN

In a publicity stunt gone awry, a $954,000 Ferrari left skid marks on a 600-year-old wall in the Chinese city of Nanjing, arousing ire among citizens.The company has since apologized for the accident, which occurred during a celebration of Ferrari’s 20th anniversary in China.

The Ferrari 458 Italia was specially designed as a 20th anniversary celebration of the brand's presence in China.

As part of the celebration, the company had arranged a driving exhibit on Nanjing's ancient city walls.

Source: CNN

The 458 made an impressive entrance, with headlights flashing in the night.

But things went awry when the driver skidded out, leaving huge black marks on the wall.

The marks are clearly visible on the wall, which dates back more than 600 years to the Ming Dynasty.

Source: CNN

Cleaners were called in to try and remove the marks from the wall. But they were unsuccessful.

Source: CNN

The public was particularly outraged because displays of wealth are frowned upon in China.

Source: CNN

Moreover, reports say the city rented the wall from the city for around $12,000. But those have been disputed.

Source: GlobalPost

Ferrari apologized for the incident, saying the car had been driven without authorization by a staff member.

Source: CNN

Not all cars in China are so sleek.

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