This 95-year-old man is a viral sensation after BBC radio station invited him on because he felt 'so alone'

Bbc radio old manFacebook/BBC Radio SolentBill called in and told the presenter how lonely and upset he was.

Bill, a 95-year-old from Southampton, England, has become a viral sensation after BBC Radio Solent invited him onto the show when he called in to say how lonely he felt.

The decorated World War II veteran phoned in during a segment called “Love Later in Life,” and told presenter Alex Dyke how much he missed his wife, who’s living in a care home after falling.

“We knew each other for 30 odd years, and she needed a carer. I took over the role of carer, and it became so involved we decided to get married,” explained Bill.

“Sheila fell over… [she] went into hospital and had to go into a nursing home. I go down and visit her every day. Every day is hell.”

That’s when Dyke could hear the pain in Bill’s voice and invited him down to the station for a cup of coffee and a huge hug.

The emotional video shows Bill describing how his wife is starting to forget things about their relationship such as their wedding date — “that’s when it hurts,” he says.

However, Bill soon had a smile back on his face as floods of users called in to wish him well and he sipped on his cup of coffee.

At the time of publishing this story, Bill’s story has over 82,000 likes on Buzzfeed and the original video has over 40,000 views.

Chris Hitchings, who works at the station told Business Insider: “It’s so nice to see so many people supporting him and showing that they care. It really restores your faith in humanity.”

Listen to Bill’s call to BBC Radio Solent below:

Bill phoned BBC Radio Solent. He was upset, lonely and missing his wife.Alex decided to invite him in.We sent a cab to pick him up, have a listen to what happened next. Posted by BBC Radio Solent on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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