This casting call for a 'Mark Zuckerberg fan fiction' TV show is annoying San Franciscans

A casting call for a new TV show called “94110” has some San Franciscans scratching their heads. 

According to an ad posted on Craigslist, “94110 imagines the story of six leading technology executives living, learning, and loving together in San Francisco’s Mission District, 94110. Production is scheduled on location in San Francisco for summer 2015.”

The casting call is for the six leading roles, in addition to supporting roles and extras. 

A producer speaking to the Uptown Almanac described the show as “Mark Zuckerberg fan fiction” and said the independent company is currently looking for angel investors.

“The main collaborators are all residents of the Mission community,” the producer said. “We want to take the neighbourhood’s new reality and do something with it.”

Online reaction has been somewhat negative.



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