These Beloved '90's Toys Are Making A Major Comeback



Retailers are betting on a ’90’s comeback this holiday season. Some of the most-ordered toys this holiday season include throwbacks like toy Elmos, Furby, Polly Pockets and Razor scooters, according to trade data company Panjiva Research

“Parents who played with some of these toys as kids are now out shopping for their own children and may be willing to put their precious holiday budget behind the toys they knew and loved themselves,” said Panjiva CEO Josh Green.

“It’s probably a safe bet for retailers, and we’ll find out in the month ahead whether it was a smart bet as well.”

9. Gak

Gak is a bouncy, stretchy, substance manufactured by Nickelodeon that went back on the market with much fanfare this year. Kids like it because of the funny sounds it makes.

8. Bop It

The Bop It is an audio game that orders the player to follow different instructions like 'Bop it!' or 'Twist it!' Thanks to a cool new design, it's in demand again.

7. Power Rangers

The Power Rangers are toys based on the television show that features young superheros fighting for justice. Since then, the brand has grown to include toys, video games and online streaming.

6. Razor scooters

The portable metal scooters were a huge hit in the 1990's. The scooter is affordable, starting at $30, and can be adjusted for size for when kids grow.

5. Nintendo

The '90's staple has competition from Xbox and PlayStation. But Nintendo has a new console this year, the Wii U, that shoppers will be lining up for.

4. Furby

The Furby is an electronic 'pet' that talks and requires care. A staple of the '90's play scene, the Furby is coming back this year.

3. Polly Pocket

Polly Pockets were originally tiny dolls that came in a small plastic case. Now, the brand has grown to include games.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The action figures have gained newfound popularity following a new animated series based on the old classic.

1. Elmo

The Tickle-Me-Elmo caused a stir in the 1990's. Now, a large plush version and a singing 'rock me' version of the furry red Sesame Street character is a popular toy.

Here's a breakdown of the toys and number of shipments

You've seen popular toys making a comeback...

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