90-Year-Old Man Survived On Cake And Cookies While Trapped In A Car For 3 Days

A 90-year-old Florida man

was trapped in his car for three days after he fell at a grocery store and broke his wrist and hip.While Justyn “Jay” Ambrozia was waiting for someone to notice his cries for help, he got by eating cake, cookies and empty ice cream cones.

Eventually, a neighbour saw the man’s hand waving from his garage and came to help him. 

After an ambulance arrived to take Ambrozia to the hospital, neighbours found Fig Newtons, a half-empty sleeve of ice cream cones and a nibbled-on pound cake in his car.

It was the only food he ate for days.

He told the Tampa Bay Times from his hospital bed that he remembers thinking, “Jeez, it’s been three days. I hope I don’t die in this car.”

When Ambrozia fell in the grocery store, workers helped him get to his car but didn’t call paramedics. 

“They put him in the car with his groceries,” neighbour John Collins told a local CBS news station. “They should have called. They shouldn’t have touched him.”

Ambrozia was able to drive home and park in his garage, but by then his injuries had become so painful that he could hardly move. He couldn’t get the door handle of his car to open.

The grocery store is investigating the incident.

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