9 gourmet meals chefs made out of breakfast cereal

The latest trend in the cereal business: a partnership with a suitably hip chef.

As millennials are ditching cereal in favour of more convenient breakfast options, Kellogg and General Mills are turning to trendy chefs for inspiration.

On Monday, General Mills announced a National Cereal Day partnership with Justin Warner, winner of Food Network Star and co-founder of the shuttered Brooklyn restaurant Do or Dine.

Kellogg has already debuted the fruits of similar partnerships with Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi and Mission Chinese Food’s Danny Bowien.

All three chefs are known for their inventive, distinct culinary styles, and managed to whip up dishes that transcend the classic bowl of cereal. Here are a few of the best.

Christina Tosi helped kick off the trend, hosting a New York City cereal pop up in June 2014 and leading Kellogg's Stir Up Breakfast campaign the next year.

One of her hits was Berry Au Lait: Frosted Mini-Wheats and Milk Bar cereal milk, plus ground coffee and raspberries.

Danny Bowien debuted breakfast at Mission Chinese Food in New York City in December, with options like Green Tea Noodles with Frosted Flakes.

The partnership was the first time that Mission Chinese Food served breakfast.

A wide array of Kellogg's brands were featured on the menu.

Here's Corn Flakes, with sweet and salty corn powder, yogurt, and berries.

While Mission Chinese Food only served its Kellogg's breakfast menu for one weekend, some Kellogg's treats have stuck around on the menu.

These Froot Loops aren't for kids. This 'brunch shot' also contains gin, ginger, kaffir lime leaf, coconut, and dehydrated raspberry.

Smoked eel with Corn Flakes has also become a brunch staple at the restaurant.

Justin Warner's partnership with General Mills is less breakfast-focused.

General Mills

About 30% of cereal is consumed outside of breakfast hours in the US, according to Kellogg CEO John Bryant. Several years ago, it was just 20%.

It would take a daring chef to attempt to prepare Warner's Cocoa Puff Beef Nuggets.

General Mills

'When I want to experiment with a new recipe, I look at everything in my kitchen -- not just what's in this shelf or that shelf. That's one thing people can do to get in the mindset of incorporating cereal,' Warner said to General Mills.

More accessible is the Fruity Cheerio Colada, which can be made with rum or coconut water.

General Mills

All of Warner's recipes can be found on General Mills' website.

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