9 Ways To Have A Better Professional Future

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What do you do now?That can be a hard question to figure out. Paralyzing, in fact.

Maybe what just happened is your life’s crowning moment. Maybe you were just the happiest you have been in a long while. Maybe you just experienced an unexpected surprise. Maybe you just got incredibly lucky.

And you aren’t sure how life can get better.

Maybe you’ve tried and failed and failed yet again. Maybe you just got punched in the gut with unexpectedly horrific news. Maybe you just went through the most painful experience of your life. Maybe you were disappointed.

And you aren’t sure how life can get better. So answering the question: “What do you do now?” is pretty tough.

Mainly because you aren’t sure what will come next.

What comes next is what you make of it.

That’s the truth of any situation. You can create the future.

One crowning moment can be followed by another. Disaster can be forgotten in the wake of triumph. The past can stay your “glory days”.  The future can turn out different then your history.

It’s up to you:

  1. Build a better plan — Start over. Do what you’re passionate about. Let the money follow.
  2. Adapt more quickly – Learn from your mistakes and successes. Be quick to adjust to get better results.
  3. Listen louder — People are telling you what you need to hear. Take notes. Improve.
  4. Be honest — Sometimes a little self-candor is the difference between what you say you want and what you really want.
  5. Throw it all away — Don’t be afraid to go a completely new direction. Let curiosity drive you.
  6. Ask for help — You don’t need to have all the answers. Ask around. Get a mentor.
  7. Stay in shape — Financially. Physically. Mentally. Be ready for whatever comes your way, whenever.
  8. Go it alone  – Avoid the negative people in your life. Tell them that you hope, not “black clouds.”
  9. Play to your strengths — Only do things that you can be the best at. Focus on dominating.

Whatever comes next you can handle. You’re strong enough to figure it out. But rather than taking a beating, why not take control of your future?

It’s not you wising on a star. It’s not magic or luck or blind genius.

It’s purposeful living.

You having a purpose. And a plan. And the passion to do something amazing.

This story was originally published by Edgy Conversations.