9 unwritten rules of Silicon Valley every startup needs to know

Silicon Valley has the most vibrant startup scene in the world.

But it also has its own unique culture, and not knowing the specific rules of the game can hurt your chances of making it big in the Valley.

We went through Quora to find out what people who have been-there-done-that have to say about the unwritten rules of Silicon Valley.

'You pretty much get 'credit' as 'one of the guys' for a successful start-up as long as you were one of the first 30-50 employees, and had an impact. Not quite founder status, but pretty good.' -- Jason Lemkin (Storm Ventures, managing director)

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'Any good idea will be copied within 18 months by 3 companies. But remember that truly world class execution is pretty rare, and most other teams will screw up somehow. Of course, so will you.' -- Adam Sah (been part of 6 startups, 3 IPOs)

Don Synstelien

'Don't steal salespeople or other key people from competitors...you have to teach them your system anyway (they usually assume you wanted to get them because they knew the competitor's system, and tend to be tougher to retrain), they tend not to be loyal (if they will do it with you, they will do it to you), it gives you a bad name in whatever industry you're in, not just the Valley, and it's bad karma.' -- Alexandra Damsker (Entrepreneur, recovering lawyer)

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'Speed and momentum is everything. Getting things done fast takes precedence over pretty much everything else. In fact, your startup might be criticised for having a burn rate that's too low because your CEO tries to save money to keep the company afloat.' -- Andy Micone (TechCast Global, Futures advisor)


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