9 tweets that prove that there really is an old Trump tweet for everything

President Donald Trump had made Twitter a defining part of his public relations style even before the 2016 presidential campaign, but now that he has been in office for over 8 months, many of his tweets from before the election have come back to haunt him.

As many on Twitter have noted, there seems to be an old Trump tweet for every current situation, ranging from Trump’s firing of his communications chiefs to his handling of Hurricane Maria.

Here are the 9 of the best ones:

On White House chiefs of staff:

This Trump tweet from 2012 criticised former President Barack Obama for having three chiefs of staff in three years, but so far, Trump's White House has had a much faster turnover rate at two chiefs of staff in less than seven months.

On loyalty to directors of communication:

After throwing Sen. Ted Cruz under the bus for firing his 'capable' communications director in early 2016, Trump did the same thing -- twice -- after becoming president himself.

On golfing too often:

Trump lashed out at Obama for golfing too much during his presidency -- and then went golfing himself 67 times since his inauguration amid numerous national crises.

On a potential third world war:

Trump warned his followers in 2013 that America's 'horrendous leadership' under Obama would lead the country in World War III. Four years later, and Trump is engaged in an escalating military standoff with North Korea, a hostile nuclear power.

On the 'nonsense' of presidents getting involved in sports:

Trump again called out Obama in 2013 for spending time on politics in sports, saying he has 'far bigger problems.' In the past few weeks, Trump has criticised the entire NFL for allowing players to kneel during the national anthem.

On federal response to hurricanes:

In 2012, Trump blasted Obama for his response to Hurricane Sandy, tweeting, 'There is no excuse why people don't have electricity or fuel yet.' Weeks after Hurricane Maria, most of Puerto Rico remains without power.

On partisan obstructionism:

Also in 2012, Trump lashed out at Obama for blaming Republicans when he was unable to pass parts of his agenda. With Republican control of both houses of Congress, though, Trump has called Democrats 'obstructionists.'

On raising the debt ceiling:

Trump criticised Republicans as 'the worst negotiators in history' after they agreed to raise the debt ceiling in 2013. Yet Trump himself reached a deal with Democrats within hours of starting negotiations, and suspended the debt ceiling for another three months.

And the best for last...

In 2014, Trump shared a tweet urging him not to run for president because 'the rest of the world would be screwed.' Trump's response -- 'So true (except friends)!'

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