These Tea Party Politicians Could Change The Senate


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Right now across the country, Tea Party leaders and strategists are working furiously to establish a major beachhead in the Senate next January.Combined with at least half a dozen sitting senators who already have strong Tea Party ties – including Rand Paul of Kentucky, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin – some ambitious newcomers could put tremendous pressure on Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to advance the conservative agenda they stand for, including a balanced budget, smaller government, entitlement and tax reform, and the repeal of President Obama’s signature health care reforms.

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Wisconsin Senate candidate Mark Neumann, already endorsed by the Tea Party Express – one of the largest Tea Party groups – is among those hoping to take the Capitol by storm this fall. “It may very well be the first time in more than a generation that the Republican caucus might be in control in the Senate,” Neumann told The Fiscal Times on Tuesday as he began a multi-city Tea Party Express bus tour in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Here are snapshots of six senators already closely allied with the Tea Party – and three who would like to join them in Washington, D.C., this fall.

See the Tea Party politicians poised to change the Senate >
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Jim DeMint of South Carolina

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Mike Lee of Utah

Just 41, Lee, an attorney, clerked for Judge Samuel Alito before Alito joined the High Court. Like Johnson, Lee also entered the Senate in January 2011, winning election easily with 62 per cent of the vote. Lee earned a perfect score of 100 last year from the Club for Growth, the politically conservative organisation whose agenda includes free trade, lower taxes, smaller government, and less government spending. The group has bestowed this mantle on only four other U.S. senators: Jim DeMint, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, and Tom Coburn. Lee is a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Source: The Fiscal Times

Rand Paul of Kentucky

Paul, 49, an ophthalmologist and a son of Ron Paul, has called for term limits, a balanced budget amendment, reducing federal spending and taxation, and a Read the Bills Act, whose ultimate goal is limiting the size and growth of government. With Jim DeMint and Mike Lee, Paul formed the Senate Tea Party Caucus with the three of them as its inaugural members. Paul's first legislative proposal was to slash $500 billion from federal spending in one year, including cutting the Dept. of Education by 83 per cent and the Homeland Security by 43 per cent. He later proposed a five-year plan to balance the budget.

Source: The Fiscal Times

Marco Rubio of Florida

Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

A former businessman who also served as president of the conservative Club for Growth, Toomey, 50, has consistently argued for reducing and cutting taxes, has advocated for deregulating the financial services industry, and was against the 2009 federal stimulus package. Before election to the Senate he served in the House, representing Pennsylvania's 15th congressional district for six years, where he distinguished himself as a fiscal expert. In April of this year, Toomey was selected to succeed DeMint as chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, a caucus for legislative collaboration.

Source: The Fiscal Times

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