9 Substances More Valuable Than Gold

Photo: digital currency via Flickr

Right now, the price of gold is sitting at $49.27/g, which is still pretty close to an all-time record.But there are plenty of more expensive commodities out there, and unlike gold, they actually have some real personal or industrial uses.


Cost: $60-80/g

What do you do with it: Some say party, others say develop a problematic habit.


Cost: High quality heroine can cost you up to $125/gram

What do you do with it: The idea is to alter one's consciousness, but heroin is highly addictive (oh, and illegal). Short-term effects include flushed skin, dry mouth, heavy limbs, and 'the nod'- a state where one is part drowsy, part awake. Long-term effects include collapsed veins, infection of the heart lining and valves, abscesses, cellulites, and liver disease.


Cost: $482.50/g

What do you do this: Platinum can be used as a catalyst in scientific experiments, worn as jewelry, and taken in anti-cancer drugs.


Cost: $750/gram

What do you do with it: Rhodium is a member of the platinum family of metals and is mostly used in three way catalytic converters to reduce a car's carbon emissions.


Cost: Roughly $4,000/g

What do you do with it: Make nuclear things. There are two kinds of plutonium, according to the World Nuclear Association, weapons grade and reactor grade.

The first is recovered as a by-product of typical used fuel from a nuclear reactor, after the fuel has been irradiated ('burned') for about three years. The second is made specially for the military purpose, and is recovered from uranium fuel that has been irradiated for only 2-3 months in a plutonium production reactor. The two kinds differ in their isotopic composition but must both be regarded as a potential proliferation risk, and managed accordingly.

Diamonds (gem quality)

*Cost: a really good once can cost you up to $12,522.25/g.

What do you do with it: Make people happy.

*FYI: A carat = 0.2 grams


Cost: This takes some explaining. 1 hit of LSD is $10-15 and weighs about 250 micrograms. Convert that to milligrams- $40-60/mg, which equals $40,000-60,0000/g.

What do you do with it: Some people relive the 60s, pretty much everyone hallucinates.

Hafnium and Tantalum Isomers

Cost: $16,931, 501.80/gram

What do you do with it: Both of these substances can be used to make control rods to cool nuclear reactors.


Cost: 62.5 trillion/g

What do you do with it: Most of us will never experience this first hand. But theoretically, anti-matter has the greatest energy density of any energy source and 1 kg of antimatter has the power of 47 megatons of TNT. Its incredibly expensive because it takes incredibly expensive technology to create it.

But what people really want is gold

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