9 Questions: Zell's Clown Car, The New "100," And More

sam zellTribune Co. chairman Sam Zell.

Angry Tribunites take to the streets! Juan Williams friends and foes face off! Maybe, it’s true what the political pundits say: these are angry times in America and….maybe in the news world. Recent news, though tinged with agitation and angst, encompasses far more, and is setting the tone for a raucous 2011. So with that, let’s look at some of the questions we may have about news business news. Here are my nine of the moment; what’s yours?1)     Is 100 the new 10? Until recently, valiant start-ups from Voice of San Diego to Minn Post to California Watch birthed themselves with two handfuls of people, more or less. A couple of million in raised money, and a couple of years of running room, and these start-ups started to define a new era of online-only metro journalism. Now, though ambitions have quickly grown. Just in recent works, “100” seems to be the new rallying cry. The National Journal has re-launched, hiring 100 new staffers, while Bloomberg Government’s done the same, on its way toward 300.

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