9 Million Users In 11 Months For Instagram

instagram kevin systrom

Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt this morning. The photo sharing app was a pivot from a bigger idea, Burbn, and launched in the App Store last October.

The app has 9 million users — it’s almost as big as Foursquare in half the time. 

“I’ve heard that Plan A is never the product entrepreneurs actually end up with.  I didn’t believe it,” says Systrom. “In many ways, Burbn was getting a bunch of press, but it wasn’t taking off the way we thought it would.  We found people loved posting pictures, and that photos were the thing that stuck. Mike, my cofounder, and I sat down and thought about the one thing that made the product unique and interesting, and photos kept coming up.”

Systrom says having the guts to make the product change was the biggest stumble in his startup’s history (and the most beneficial).