9 Famous People Who Were Exposed By Former Assistants

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The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency recently stripped Lance Armstrong of seven Tour de France titles and wiped his record going back 14 years.

The last thing that Armstrong needed, in his free fall from grace, was a personal assistant to bust out of the woodwork and portray him to the world as a truly despicable guy.

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In a brutal expose for Outside magazine, Mike Anderson explains how he became Armstrong’s assistant in late 2002. He paints an unflattering picture of his former boss as: leaving his wife in an “abrupt and cruel” fashion; returning from Europe with “money stuffed into his pants” from post-Tour races that Armstrong did for under-the-table cash; avoiding a surprise visit from World Anti-Doping Agency testers; muttering under his breath at a Livestrong event, “I hate these f***ing things”; and releasing a world of hate on any person who dared challenge him.

Anderson follows a great tradition of boss-skewering by assistants. For a powerful person, nothing is more scorching than a tell-all by an ex-PA, except perhaps one by an ex-lover (see: Mia Farrow on Woody Allen, Bobby Brown on Whitney Houston). Assistants bear witness to all their boss’s daily quirks after all—updating their schedules and hearing their secrets.

And if they feel spurned, they can easily leverage their overlord’s fame into their own with a juicy tell-all. Here are nine of the most famous cases of celebrities who were exposed by those once trusted with their most intimate assistance.

Anna Wintour's assistant wrote 'The Devil Wears Prada' after slaving away for the Vogue EIC.

John Edwards' former aide Andrew Young wrote a tell-all about the politician's affair after things between them turned sour.

Many of Scott Rudin's ex-assistants have gone to the press with their horror stories—and he doesn't deny any of them.

Courtney Love's ex-assistant sued her this summer when Love refused to pay her.

Clarence Thomas almost lost his Supreme Court nomination when an ex-aide claimed he sexually harassed her.

Lady Gaga's assistant took the superstar to court last month for failure to pay 7,000 hours' worth of overtime.

Harvey Weinstein's ex-assistant wrote a play based on her work for the film producer.

These stars should have stuck with what they know best...

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