Slack is now bigger than Deutsche Bank. Here are 8 other companies that also eclipsed the once giant German lender.

  • Deutsche Bank has a week from hell.
  • After share declines, it’s market cap is now just over $US15.7 billion
  • Here are some companies that have eclipsed the once giant lender.
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Deutsche Bank is Germany biggest bank but after a brutal last year of scandals and share declines, a radical overhaul was announced this week, with 18,000 job cuts.

Deutsche Share priceMarkets InsiderDeutsche Bank’s share price

The German bank’s market cap now sits at about $US15.73 billion. Here are eight companies that are now bigger.

Slack – $US17.66 billion

Nestle India – $US17.48 billion

Just India’s division of Nestle is now bigger than the German bank.

Woolworths – $US30.11 billion

The Aussie retailer is also fairing far better than the bank.

Chipotle – $US20.57 billion

Walgreens Boots – $US50.30 billion

Associated Press

Kraft Heinz – $US37.32 billion

Carlsberg – $US20.82 billion

The Danish beer company also surpasses Deutsche Bank.

Hewlett Packard – $US31.72 billion

Tesco – $US29.5 billion

The UK supermarket giant almost has double the value of Deutsche Bank.

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