The 9 biggest questions we have after the 'Westworld' season 2 finale


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Warning: Spoilers for “Westworld” season two episode 10, “The Passenger.”

The season two finale of “Westworld” left many things up in the air, but set things up for a very different (yet promising) third season.

The finale put a few hosts out into the real world, which we’re still unfamiliar with on this show. It also implied that some characters we assumed were humans are actually hosts, and in typical “Westworld” fashion, it didn’t exactly explain the timeline.

While we did get some vague answers to some of our questions throughout the season, we still have plenty of questions that will no doubt inspire many fan theories until season three, which doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

We’ve never actually seen the real world outside of the park on “Westworld.” What is it like? Can the hosts survive it?


We’ve never really gotten a clear picture of what the world the show exists in, outside of Delos, is like: we don’t know how far into the future it is, or what technology outside of the hosts exists. The context of the world outside of the parks will have to make itself known in the third season so we can see how the hosts (Dolores, Bernard, and Host Charlotte) adjust to it. In The Forge, Logan said that Bernard had Dolores prepare herself to exist among humans, but is she really prepared? And is he? These questions will likely be the center of the third season.

Where is the Valley?


In the finale, Dolores tells Bernard that she changed the coordinates for the Valley Beyond now that some of the hosts are there so no one can find it. If she did change it, where did she put it? Would she risk telling anyone such as Bernard where it is now? Delos might make an effort next season to find it.

If Delos recovers the bodies of the hosts that made it into the Valley, will it affect them?


The Forge flooded with the hosts that entered the Valley, free of human control. But can the humans at Delos recover the host bodies and use them? If so, will that affect the minds of the hosts in the Valley? The Valley apparently means they’re completely free, but it almost seemed too easy, so we think there’s something more complex going on here.

Is Teddy alone?


Dolores recovered Teddy’s memory module, which is the reason why he made it to the Valley. But when he appeared in it, he was completely alone, no other host in sight. Are all the other hosts just exploring elsewhere, leaving that area empty when he arrived, or he is completely alone in another world?

Is Stubbs a host?


Stubbs, the head of security at Westworld, never played a pivotal role in the main storylines beyond doing his job. But he proves otherwise at the end of the finale when he reveals that he is aware that Charlotte (really Dolores) is a host. He says that he is loyal to Ford, and that’s why he’s letting her go. He says Ford told him to protect the hosts “inside the park.”

This could mean that Stubbs is a human loyal to Ford for some reason, but we think he’s probably a host, programmed by Ford to let his plan for the hosts come to life.

How long has the Man in Black been a host?


In the post-credits scene, the Man in Black, seemingly after his injuries and adventures throughout the season, stumbles upon a dusty facility. There, his daughter, who he recently killed, is there, waiting for him. It becomes apparent that this is probably a host version of her, and that the Man in Black is the subject of a character study similar to the one he did with James Delos decades earlier. But how long has he been in this form? Is this the same version that we saw throughout seasons one and two, or not? If not, at what point did he become one of the human-based hosts? We’ll hopefully find out more in season three, because this is making our heads spin more than anything else throughout this messy season of television.

We’ve seen Shogun World and The Raj. What are the other parks and will we see them?


While Shogun World and The Raj were highlights of the season, their existence didn’t ultimately have any great consequence within the story season two told. That was disappointing, and doesn’t have us that excited for more parks, but we want to see others anyway. The showrunners have made it pretty clear they don’t want to directly copy the original film its based on with a Roman world and a Medieval world, but maybe there will be something similar in the future.

What mind modules did Dolores bring out of the park into the real world?


Dolores made a pretty big deal about not replicating humans as hosts, but when she escapes the park as Charlotte, she has five modules in her bag. Chances are Teddy is safe in the Valley. But they could be anyone else she feels could be useful to her mission to destroy mankind. Could one be William, and even James Delos? One or more of the modules could contain minds of hosts we haven’t seen from other parks, but we’re guessing Dolores will bring back familiar faces.

How many people died during this host massacre? Is Delos Destinations going to get in trouble for all this?


A lot of guests and Delos employees died this season, including Lee Sizemore and Elsie in the season finale. We thought all these deaths could have some serious repercussions as the real world found out about them in season two, but they didn’t. It will have to get addressed in season three, as the show expands to show more of the real world the park exists within. Unless the real world is ok with a bunch of people dying on their very expensive, immersive vacation to a Delos Destination…

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