9 Brilliant Animated GIFs That Show How The World Really Works

GIF animated images are useful when it comes to learning how stuff works. 

They can make topics as tortuous as trigonometry interesting and fun, but they can also be used to show how normal, real-world stuff works. 

From Reddit’s impeccable EducationalGifs subreddit, here are 9 GIFs that show you how cool stuff really works:

First of all, here’s how a key opens a lock: 

how a key works

Tomorrow Started


And here’s how you pick a lock. The tool on the bottom is a torsion wrench, exerting rotational pressure like the key would. The pick does what the key would do to each of the pins one at a time. 

lockpick gif


How an AK-47 works:

ak-47 operation


How the Geneva drive — the mechanical step that makes the second hand on a clock work by turning constant rotation into intermittent motion — functions.

Geneva mechanism watch


How an electric motor works:

electric motor


How a four stage gasoline engine work. Blue is a gas-air mixture, red is an exploding gas-air mixture, and black is exhaust:

four stroke engine gif



Here’s how an aircraft’s radial engine works:

radial engine gif


How a sewing machine functions:

sewing  machine



How a zipper works:

zipper gif



See even more at /r/EducationalGifs >

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