9 Australian CEOs reveal their secret weapons for success at work

It takes hard work, expertise and a certain tenacity to end up in the corner office as CEO of a company.

But what is it specifically that these men and women do put their success down to?

As part of the Executive of the Year Awards, The CEO Magazine asked its finalists of the CEO of the year category to reveal their secret weapon at work.

The awards recognises the achievements of leaders and professionals over the past year, and the contributions they have made to their companies.

Here’s what they had to say.

Jason Dooris, CEO at Atomic 212

Jason Dooris/ Supplied

To have a point of view and to be fearless in the pursuit of communicating it. This mentality coupled with an underlying sense of passion and an inherent belief in egalitarianism.

The journey is a long one, and this is half the challenge. To embark on a path with those who have the passion and willingness to grow, is also half the fun. This certainly fuels me each day.

Bob Black, CEO/COO of StarTrack and Australia Post

Bob Black/ Supplied

Being enthusiastic, energised and interested. I love my job, love what we are achieving and love seeing my teams successful. It’s a team effort and everyone needs to be aligned, so a clear and understandable strategy – with a strong emphasis on execution and with measurable goals – keeps everyone accountable and outlines responsibilities for teams and individuals, enabling rewards and recognition to be distributed fairly.

Shelley Sullivan, CEO and founder at ModelCo

Shelley Sullivan/ Supplied

Surrounding myself with agile and forward thinking individuals has been crucial to the success of the business.

Seeking out meaningful and dynamic collaborations has also helped set ModelCo apart from the crowd and gained the brand international exposure.

It’s a team effort from start to finish, and I know I can trust in and rely on the people around me to make smart decisions.

Sean Senvirtne, Founder and CEO at Mydeal.com.au

Sean Senvirtne/ Supplied

My secret weapon is focus. It’s the ability to pick your battles and say no to ideas that may be great, but not a priority.

Michael Ebeid, CEO and Managing Director at SBS

Michael Ebeid/ Supplied

Not having all the answers — it allows you to ask lots of questions to make the right decisions, and having hired a great team that is cohesive and smarter than me.

Jaimes Leggett, CEO at M&C Saatchi Australia

Jaimes Leggett/ Supplied

It’s easier to complicate than to simplify. Simple messages enter the brain quicker and stay there longer. Critical for success in our business. Simplicity is therefore a painful necessity and, fortunately, it’s my secret weapon.

Mark Nielson, CEO APAC at Talent International

Mark Nielsen/ Supplied

Essentially, it’s an enormous sense of energy to keep our team positive, engaged and build resilience – even when things go against us.

This is especially important in the technology recruitment industry, where the pressure can be high; encouraging a sense of vitality and positivity in our culture is key to maintaining a happy, productive team.

Barry Fitzgerald, CEO at Roy Hill

Barry Fitzgerald/ Supplied

My secret weapon is the support from key members of my leadership team combined with a unique and wide range of experiences that gave me the breadth of knowledge to deliver the Roy Hill project.

Scott Stavretis, CEO at Acquire BPO

Scott Stavretis/ Supplied

My leadership team—a group of hardworking, loyal colleagues that have the ability to relentlessly execute on our strategy.

The 2017 awards ceremony will take place in the Palladium at Crown Melbourne on November 15. See more information on the event here.

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