A Hedge Funder Turned 7 Apartments In A Townhouse Into One Sick Bachelor Pad And Is Selling It For $20 Million

81 Horatio Street Townhouse

Photo: Sotheby’s

Space is scarce in the West Village, unless you’re G2 Partners managing director John de Neufville. He turned two triplexes (purchased in 2002 for $2 million) into one massive bachelor’s pad.In fact, de Neufville thinks the house is too massive. According to the WSJ, that’s why he’s selling it.

“I didn’t feel like I needed to live in a 7,000-square-foot house by myself,” Mr. de Neufville said.

That means he’ll say goodbye the hot tub on the roof, the huge gym, the wine-tasting room, 6 bedrooms, five full and two half bathrooms, two kitchens and six working fireplaces.

Call us crazy, but we think that would be hard.

Sothebys’ Jeremy and Robin Stein have the listing.


de Neufville is moving to the Upper East Side, where another Wall Streeter just bought a great place...

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