The 26 Worst Celebrity Hairstyles From The '80s

michelle pfeiffer married to the mobSome famous men of the ’80s had longer, wilder curls than Michelle Pfeiffer here.

The ’80s brought us mullets, crimped looks, and heavy loads of hairspray. 

The bigger the better.

While we may wish to forget some of the do’s, some pulled off hair-raising styles. 

Next week, National Geographic is airing a three-night special: “The ’80s: The Decade That Made Us.”

Narrated by Rob Lowe, the event will take a look back at the political, cultural, and technological moments that defined the generation.

Prepare to relive the rise of Calvin Klein jeans by Brooke Shields, Pac-Man, the Walkman, Jane Fonda’s workout videos, and, of course, the hairstyles.

We’ve compiled some of the best and worst looks of the decade. 

Rewind back to the ’80s and see how the stars wore their locks.

Sarah Jessica Parker may wear her long locks with a natural wave now ...

Cyndi Lauper's hair may be short and wavy now ...

... but during the '80s it flowed like a lion's mane.

... he was rocking an earring and mullet.

Jon Bon Jovi may rock out without his luscious locks now ...

... he waved his shaggy do around on stage. Here he is with electric guitar creator Les Paul in '88.

Funny woman Amy Poehler's locks may be sleek and wavy now ...

... but in high school she showed off a much different do.

English pop singer Boy George has a colourful collection of hats now ...

... but back in the '80s, he rocked a rainbow frock of colourful braids and crimped long hair. Here he is next to his wax double in June 1984.

Before George Clooney turned grey ...

Julia Roberts rarely wears her hair curly these days ...

Johnny Depp may be the master of disguise now ...

Nicole Kidman sometimes shows off subtle curls.

Back in the '80s and early '90s she was known for her curly mane.

Glenn Close also grew up with very curly hair.

Here's Matt Dillon today at 54 ...

... and, here he is nearly 30 years earlier.

Janet Jackson's hair is straight as a pin today.

Before Michael Jackson's Super Bowl performance in 1993 ...

... he rocked his curly hair at his first solo concert in Missouri in 1988.

While most will recall Cher for this hair-raising look at the 1986 Oscars ...

... she regularly donned a mullet as seen here with friend Darlene Love in 1985.

Ozzy Osbourne burned some of his hair in a house fire earlier this year.

In 1985, he showed off a wild head of hair. Here he is with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi at a Live Aid concert.

Kylie Minogue's look has tamed down a lot ...

... since her Loco-motion days.

Here's Van Halen performing in Los Angeles last year.

... and here he is in 1985 (right) with Sammy Hagar before they parted ways in '96.

Jane Fonda was among the best dressed at this year's Academy Awards ...

In the '80s she took a risk releasing workout videos which became a surprise success.

Here's Jane Fonda with Sally Field at Paramount's 90th anniversary in 2002 ...

... and, here they are with Brooke Shields at the 8th Annual People's Choice Awards in 1982.

Valerie Bertinelli had some of the best '80s hair.

You can't discuss '80s hair without mentioning tennis champ Andre Agassi.

*In Agassi's 1999 autobiography Open, he admitted that during the '90s, as he began to lose his hair, the locks were part of a wig.

The above photo is from the first time he wore the wig at the 1990 French Open. He finally shaved it all off in '96.

(Source: Canon)

However, no one bests Linda Hamilton ...

You've seen where some of today's biggest actors got their start ...

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