This $US8,000 Bed Tells You How You Sleep And Offers Full Body Massages

Sleep Number has introduced their new x12 bed, billed as “the most technologically advanced bed in the world.”

Why We Love It: The x12 integrates SleepIQ technology, which monitors stats like average breathing rate, movement, and average heart rate while you sleep (without any wearable devices or extra cords). By collecting this data, the x12 can identify things to change in your daily routine so you get a better night’s rest.

The bed also connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can keep track of your sleep score. It can give a full-body massage, and can program bedside lamps to go off at a certain time.

The x12 has even solved the problem of the perpetual snorer. The “Partner Snore” button on the universal remote will tilt your partner’s side of the bed six degrees upward, putting them at an angle where they’re likely to stop their heavy breathing right away.

Or, if the remote happens to be across the room while you’re trying to sleep, adjust your mattress’ settings with a simple voice command.

Here’s the x12 in all its glory.

It has all of the customisation features we’ve come to expect from a Sleep Number bed.

And here’s the kind of information it collects while you sleep.

Check out this video of the x12 in action.

Where To Buy: Available in select Sleep Number stores starting in February, and spreading nationwide in the coming months.

Cost: $US8,000.

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