8 Ways To Save Money So You Can Finally Switch Jobs

Now that I’m on the job market (so to speak), I am taking stock of my career. Most people work to support the bad habits they’ve developed over a lifetime of employment at shitty jobs. And it doesn’t make sense.

  • We hate aspects of our lives.
  • We shop to feel better about our lives.
  • And then we are locked into a cycle of consumption and debt that requires us to work in cruddy jobs.

I’m guilty of this, too.

I finally left my job in HR to start a career as a writer. It wasn’t easy. It was a sacrifice. I can offer you eight ways to save money right now so you can quit your job in a few months.

  1. Make your own coffee or drink the free coffee at work. If you like a midday break to escape the office, make yourself a cup of coffee and go outside. Drink it in your car. Save $5/day.
  2. Eat breakfast before coming to work. I recommend oatmeal. It’s good for you, sticks with you and you’re less tempted to do a bagel run at 10:45 AM.
  3. Pack a lunch. Better yet — find someone to buy you lunch.
  4. Stop investing in your office appearance. You are quitting that job. Who cares if you have roots or wear make-up? I stopped cutting my hair about a year before I left Pfizer. Invest in your appearance when it matters: before the interview.
  5. Stop buying new clothes. You can wear the same outfit over and over again. Most white guys do this.
  6. Quit smoking. You can save money and worry less about healthcare coverage.
  7. Work from home. Save money on gas and feel disengaged on your couch. Two birds. One stone.
  8. Stop online shopping at work. Spend time on Hulu or another free, streaming video site. Cyber Monday exists because people hate their jobs. Instead of internet shopping when you’re bored, you can catch up on your favourite shows.

I basically sound like your crabby father, right?

Except late in my career as a frumpy HR chick, I started seeing things differently. If I earned $67/hr, I would have to work a whole day to buy these awesome boots. Screw that. Who wants to be one day closer to death in a bad HR job?

I decided that I’d rather go shoeless. And coffeeless. And find people to buy me lunch. And then quit.

That strategy could work for you, too, but it starts with breaking some bad habits. But I know you can do it. What’s the alternative? Dying in your awful job?

No thanks. You can do better.