8 Warning Signs Your Company Doesn’t Get Digital

Working in the digital group of a traditional, non-digital organisation can be a lonely experience. Not only will 95 per cent of the workforce likely have no clue what it is you actually do, but when they find out you’ll need to explain it multiple times. Each week. 

But while no gig is going to be perfect, here are 8 warning signs that your company REALLY doesn’t understand digital and that maybe it’s time to move on:

1. The head of marketing has his/her assistant print out every email and then scrawls hand written notes on them which are typed up as replies

2. A member of the executive team describes you as “high-tech” because you’ve installed Firefox onto your company machine

3. Somebody demands you build something that “goes viral”

4. The executive team thinks SEO is the name of the violin quartet they hired at the last corporate retreat

5. The first reaction to any design comp is “We need some movement” followed by a waving of the hands to describe exactly what this movement could be

6. On your first day somebody sends a 30mb PowerPoint deck to the entire company and then complains how slow their email is

7. Your boss sends you an e-card on your birthday

8. Somebody tells you they want you to build “video Twitter”