8 trends to watch in Australian men's officewear this year

Modi Song from bespoke online tailor Joe Button.

Today Show presenter Karl Stefanovic may have been able to get away with wearing the same suit for a year, but in the real world, your colleagues are bound to notice if you’re wearing the same ensemble day after day.

If you’re looking to buy new suits any time soon, keeping these eight top trends for 2015 in mind will ensure you stay fashionable all year round.


1. Old-school patterns are making a huge comeback this year, particularly with checks. Even the more conservative dressers are venturing outside of the plain solids for something a little more geometric. A subtle check works well for every day use, as it shows an appreciation for detail without going over the top.

2. Textured solids are also becoming more popular for everyday suit wearers. While a patterned suit might be too loud, and a plain solid might be seen as bit too boring and conventional, a textured solid – like a sharkskin or nail head – is a good in-between option.

3. As we head towards the cooler months, sports jackets will become more in demand. This is an easy entry point for men who want to experiment with heavier checks and herringbones without going for the full patterned suit.


4. Navy blue has been in vogue for a while now, and its popularity doesn’t look like it’ll wane any time soon. In 2014, more than 50 per cent of our customers bought a custom suit in a shade of blue or navy.

5. Every year, the ‘it’ shade of blue seems to get a tad lighter. Last year, our most popular blue was the cobalt blue while the year before it was a navy. This year, it looks like the on-trend blue will be a royal blue, as we’ve already seen a big jump in requests for this colour. Blue suits are also popular because of their versatility; you can wear the jacket and pants together or the jacket as a separate over jeans or chinos.


6. Good news for men with a bit of padding around the middle: the trend towards super-tight fitting suits looks like it’s on the way out. But that’s not to say the baggy, I-dug-this-suit-out-of-my-dad’s-closet look is back in style (not that it ever was). The regular slim-fit look that’s tailored to match a man’s shoulder span, chest size, limb lengths and waist (while still allowing the option to move around comfortably) will be the main style that’s seen on well-dressed suit-wearers this year.

7. After years of slim notch lapels being in fashion, wide peak lapel suits are making a big comeback. This is particularly so with formal suits for weddings and black tie events. Whilst conservative males are probably still going to choose a notch lapel (especially for work), the fashion forward male customer has definitely been leaning towards peak lapel suits (even double breasted peak lapel suits). One particularly popular style is the midnight blue tuxedo with black satin peak lapels.

8. A good tailored suit is fast becoming a must-have item for male wardrobes. Corporate customers who have been wearing off-the-rack suits their entire lives are increasingly transitioning to tailored suits as the cost of getting them made has come down and more and more workers can be seen wearing them on the streets.

* Modi Song is co-founder of Joe Button, a Sydney-based online tailor that offers made-to-measure shirts and suits.

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