8 Reasons Why We Can't Wait For The Apple Television

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Photo: Illustration: Ellis Hamburger

The Apple Television was one of the last products Steve Jobs was working on before he died.With all the rumours and hype surrounding it, the television game is Apple’s to lose.

Manic analysts say it will change the face of the industry.

Based on what little we know and the informed conclusions we can draw, here are 8 reasons we can’t wait for Apple to shake up our living room with a brand new television.

A la carte media consumption

Why pay for something you don't want? Today's cable providers charge you a flat fee for dozens of channels. Chances are you don't want or need to watch all of them.

Apple analyst Gene Munster says the Apple Television will almost certainly introduce a la carte media consumption through the iTunes Store, so you can buy media you want as you want it.

That'll save us money, while cutting out all the shows and channels we don't care about. Sounds good!

A better DVR

Current DVR interfaces are a sad state of affairs. The ones from your cable or satellite provider and even TiVo tend to be clunky and unglamorous to navigate.

It's a safe assumption that an Apple-fied DVR will be sharp, intuitive, and maybe even fun to use.

Siri integration

Imagine coming home and saying, 'I want to watch something funny.' Then Comedy Central flips on. This could be extended any number of ways, like:

'When's the next episode of Cops on?'

'Record everything starring Gary Busey.'

'Find me an 80s comedy.'

It could easily replace your TV guide. If you really got into it, maybe even your remote.

You already own the remote

iDevices will almost certainly be the remote controls for the Apple TV. Given that your iPhone is probably in your pocket all the time, it'll make it pretty hard to lose.

Patents reveal that Apple is also working on a new universal remote that could also interface with the Apple Television.

Imagine being able to simply tap on the show you want to watch on your iPad's screen and having your TV switch to it. Pretty neat.

Push video from TV to iPad

Instead of displaying iPad video content on your television, you'd be able to beam TV to your iPad. Imagine Airplay in reverse -- take your iPad around your house and watch live TV wherever you want.

This would also make it so people can watch different shows at the same time while in the same room. For example, the TV could be playing a Blu-Ray movie as the iPad streams ESPN.

Apps and games

A port of the iOS App Store could bring a slew of apps and games to the Apple Television. We're imagining all kinds of TV-based games that will use iDevices as controllers and a number of parental control apps to help parents maintain what shows their kids watch.

Gorgeous design

Sure, we don't know exactly what it will look like. But with Apple's design guru Jony Ive behind the device, it's a safe assumption that the Apple TV will look mighty fine hanging on your wall.

A nice, big screen

We're hearing rumours that it'll come in a number of sizes, all the way up to 50 inches. People need or prefer different screen sizes for their homes, so we're excited to a have a few options.

The downside: We're pretty sure it'll be too expensive

Apple will have a major hurdle to get over if analyst Gene Munster is correct. He says that it will likely sell for twice the price of a standard TV, or around $1,600. That's pretty pricey and could keep a lot of people from buying one.

Can't wait for the Apple Television?

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