8 Really Dumb Mistakes Facebook Claims Paul Ceglia Made While Forging A Contract And Emails

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Facebook today filed a “Motion to Dismiss” a lawsuit from Paul Ceglia, a former wood-pellet distributor who claims he owns half of Facebook.In it, research firms hired by Facebook point out a ton of inconsistencies in Ceglia’s case. They also claim that the emails Ceglia used in his case were outright fabrications.

Here are some of the inconsistencies in Ceglia’s case, according to the motion to dismiss the case filed today:

  • Ceglia says he sent a congratulatory note to Mark Zuckerberg at 10:30 a.m. on February 4, 2004 for setting Facebook live. Facebook did not go live until later that afternoon, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • He screwed up the time stamps on his emails. “All of the Purported Emails purportedly sent from October 26, 2003 to April 4, 2004 contain the ‘-0400’ stamp that reflects Eastern Daylight Time. However, Eastern Daylight Time was not in effect during this time,” according to the motion.
  • He backdated Word documents with the copy-pasted “emails.” It was an attempt to make the Word documents appear as if they were created at earlier dates.
  • He screwed up the formatting in his “emails.” The formatting inconsistencies include differences in spacing in the To and From fields and the way in which he abbreviates “Tuesday.”
  • The formatting is messed up on the contracts, too. The formatting of the paragraphs and the typeface of the text on page 1 of the Work for Hire Document are different than the formatting and typeface used on page 2, according to the motion.
  • He reinstalled Windows multiple times during the court process. “Stroz Friedberg found substantial evidence of possible spoliation, including multiple reinstallations of the Windows operating system during the pendency of this litigation on the computer that contained the StreetFax Contract,” according to the motion.
  • Each page of the contract has a different font. “The two pages of the Work for Hire Document are composed in different fonts,” according to the filing.
  • Ceglia said the email program he at the time had would automatically delete old emails.

Paul Ceglia hired Mark Zuckerberg in early 2003 to do some contract development work for a project of Ceglia’s called StreetFax.

Ceglia now claims that the same Work For Hire contract also gave Ceglia half-ownership of a Zuckerberg project called “The Facebook.” Zuckerberg says he did not even come up with the idea for Facebook, let alone begin work on it, until the end of that year.

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