8 iPhone Dating Apps To Love

Sitting behind the computer to find the love of your life or a rebound fling might be widely accepted now, but as iPhone trends go, it is so 2005. The big 2-0-1-0, along with Apple, ushered in an era of finding love, like your morning bagel, New York Times and cup of Joe – on the go! 

In a world where peeking into the phone screen trumps making eye contact, what do dating apps mean for good old fashioned flirting and courting. We’ll try and find out,  but before that, here’s a list of freshly minted/updated iPhone love apps. Or fling apps. Or icebreakers. Whatever suits your purpose.

These iPhone Dating Apps make us go weak in the knees. Some are free, some are fun and some feel oh-so-right! Here’s our hot list.

Smart dating

Because you loved The Social Network!

This brand-new app is from the creators of Social Connect on Facebook, it lets you upload videos, ushering in an era of Profile ‘Vids’, you can also send gifts through its inbuilt gift delivery system.


Because you wanted to be scientifically matched!

Match.com was one of the earliest online dating sites to jump on the iPhone App bandwagon. The app, like the site, has morphed into a phenomenon, clocking in millions of users. You can do almost everything that the online version let’s you do, on your iPhone. Browse through profiles, get matched with prospective partners based on your unique individual data, with loads of on-the-go features thrown in, like locating a signed-in user nearby and sending a wink or a nudge if you find them interesting. Although it’s a free app, it goes with your online Match.com paid subscription.

Match.com, Updated: March 25, 2011

Match.com takes its revolutionary compatibility technology to the iPhone, by offering all its paid subscribers this free app.

Dating DNA

Dating DNA does for free what sites like e-harmony and match.com do for their paid subscribers, finding the most compatible match for you based on your personal details. The app is more for those who are hoping to find someone special and less for the just-looking crowd. A Community Monitoring System is built in, to keep the environment free of perverts and freaks. It is GPS-enabled to help you find local singles nearby, get an at-a-glance compatibility scoring and send a message to the one, who seems like, well, the one. And if you end up exchanging tons of messages, you can also view them all together in saved history. Cool, we think.


For those who started using the App on Facebook, got hooked and moved to its website, the Zoosk iPhone App was a perfect addition to all that Zoosking! Receive flirts on your phone, upload your coolest iPhone pics and tag them, and also choose from a really wide pool of potential mates – 50 million users-wide. Zoosk also offers a Facebook-style activities feed and Apple’s cool push notification for winks, messages and friend requests.


When you can tell he’s gay but not if he’s checking you out!

A fabulous alternative dating app for gay iPhone users, with SinglesAroundMe’s location-based convenience, where you can find a Grindr user in the Café you’re sitting in right now, just around where you live or just about wherever you go. And at 1.5 million users in 180 countries, you’re bound to find somebody around you, or so we hope! Grindr also offers a cool built-in chat feature, and the premium version at $4.97 tops-up some of its existing features, like loading more guys on a page, allowing you to be ‘favorited’ more often, and most importantly, it gives you a smoother experience without those annoying banner ads that’s part of the free version. 

Grindr, updated: March 14, 2011

With 1.5 million gay users in 180 countries, you’re bound to find someone on Grindr.

A premium version without ads comes at $4.97, for those looking for love on a budget, the free one works just as fine.

SinglesAroundMe (SAM)

A purely hyperlocal-focused dating app that let’s you find singles around you, and you choose the distance you’re willing to go to find the love of your life – 100 yards to 100 miles. SAM then tracks the singles in the selected area for you. A simple and effective icebreaker for singles hoping to meet someone in a café, party or on a long walk through Central Park. Short messages and winks do the talking first, you can then approach each other, and, hopefully, hit it off. There’s even a cool Destination Search Function, so you can track down singles in a specific location, say a restaurant or bar. Because it’s not stuffed with features and primarily helps you find other singles a few meters near you, which is, let’s admit it, awesome in itself, SAM is free. Did we hear, ‘awesomer’?

Dates Near Me

When you want to know if that office hottie is single!

Released: April 2011

This just-released app finds singles in and around you, in real time, based on GPS technology.


Because you want flirting with the frills

OKCupid is loaded with features. Upload pics, see who’s visited your profile, find out if there’s a singleton around you, favourite profiles, sends winks and nudges and more!

What does it mean for love?

We suspect that love will always remain that mysterious thing, which makes you go weak in the knees and do stupid things, like drink and dial, and ‘accidentally’ bump into some one, after like, five tries. While the emotion remains the same, iPhone dating apps are changing the way the game works.

Goodbye Serendipity, hello GPS!

Love was all about finding someone in ways that required the universe and its elements to conspire to make you happy. But because we know serendipity does not always work in our favour, daters today are not taking any chances. GPS-enabled apps, promptly alert users to suitors around them, so they don’t miss the love of their life because they chose Café A instead of Café B!

Unlimited dates, zero tolerance

Because there were limited number of ways in which we could get dates before, we were always careful about rejecting someone outright. Now, if you don’t like that your date snorts when he laughs, well, you can just look for one who doesn’t, among the 150 users in your neighbourhood, as indicated by those cute little dots marked ‘singles near you’ on your iPhone screen.

Long-distance sceptics take heart

Online dating ushered in an era of dating outside your comfort zone. Daters were flying cross-country and driving all night in the quest to find the one. Most dating apps, alert users of other users around them, while also letting them browse profiles of people around the world, but guess who wins? That cute thing in the short skirt across the table or nerdgirl56, residing in Baltimore? Maybe phone apps are for a generation that has tired, in the last few years, of exploring outside their comfort zone, both literally and metaphorically and wants to stick within the few radius miles around them.