8 incredible pictures of Australian landmarks turning blue for the United Nations' 70th anniversary

Photo: DFAT Australia

The United Nations celebrated its 70th anniversary yesterday turning more than 150 of the world’s most iconic buildings, landmarks and bridges blue — the official colour of the UN.

The Turn the World #UNBlue campaign marks 70 years since the United Nations was officially formed in the wake of World War II, and spanned 45 countries from Egypt’s Great Pyramids, to New York’s Empire State Building, Japan’s SkyTree Tower and Jordan’s ancient city of Petra.

Sydney’s Sydney Opera House was one of the first to be illuminated blue joining other landmarks such as Melbourne’s Federation Square and Cricket Ground, Canberra’s Old Parliament House and Brisbane’s City Hall.

A founding member of the UN, Australia is currently the 12th largest contributor to its regular and peacekeeping budgets. Since the UN’s inception, nearly 65,000 Australians have been engaged in more than 50 international peace and security operations.

Meanwhile, foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop announced Australia’s candidacy for the UN Security Council in 2029-30 and the Human Rights Council in 2018-20.

Here’s a look at how Australia marked 70 years of the UN:

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