8 Creative Uses For Old K-Cups

K Cups

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Although I love our Keurig single-cup brewing system at Sugar HQ, I do feel a little bothered by how many K-Cups we use and throw away every day without recycling. Turns out, there are many ways we can recycle K-Cups on our own; all it takes is a little creativity!Jell-O shots: Instead of buying plastic shot glasses, use your old K-Cups. They are the perfect size for shots — not too big and not too small!

Freeze leftover sauces: If you want to keep some leftover sauces but have nowhere to put them, pour them into K-Cups. Cover with some plastic wrap, put them in the freezer, and you’re good to go.

Freeze specialty ice: Want really-cool-looking ices for your Summer cocktails? Freeze them in K-Cups! They will be bigger and have a more unique shape than ices made from a regular ice tray. Put fruits or flowers in them to make them really special. Experiment with different liquids like juices and 7UP.

Jewelry holder: If you have small pieces of jewelry lying around, then keep them organised by grouping them in little K-Cups. You can organise them by colour and type.

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Elevate items: Do you need help elevating items like dishes for your dinner party? Use K-Cups to raise the plates. You can also elevate things like place settings.

Place-card holder: Make your own place-card holders for parties by wrapping cute paper around K-Cups. Cut slits on the bottom to hold the cards. Your guests will marvel at your eco-savvy and craftiness!

Garden starters: Use K-Cups for seed starters. Fill one halfway with soil, dig a little hole, put some seeds in it, and cover it up. If you’re growing different plants, then be sure to label them!

Garlands: Cover the K-Cups with pretty paper and string them together with some holiday lights. For inspiration, check out these instructions and pictures of a garland made from Dixie cups.

Remember you can also reuse the coffee grounds left over in your K-Cups with these ideas.

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