The 8 movies coming to Netflix in August that are worth watching

Miramax‘The way of the future … the way of the future … the way of the future …’

There are a lot of movies to choose from on Netflix these days – but honestly, they aren’t all great.

So every month we look at the new titles coming to the streaming giant and pick out the ones we think won’t disappoint you.

For August, there’s the movie that kicked off the Christopher Nolan Batman saga, Kevin Smith’s love letter to New Jersey (and landmark indie movie), a Bill Murray classic comedy, and the Martin Scorsese movie that gave us a Leonardo DiCaprio in the buff standing in a private movie theatre lined with pee jars.

  • “Batman Begins” (Available August 1)
  • “Clerks” (August 1)
  • “Constantine” (August 1)
  • “Secretariat” (August 1)
  • “Silverado” (August 1)
  • “Stripes” (August 1)
  • “The Aviator” (August 1)
  • “No Country for Old Men” (August 11)

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