76ers Star Rookie Point Guard Won't Be Able To Spend Any Of His Salary For 3 Years

In an era when it is far too common to hear stories of
millionaire athletes going broke, it is refreshing to hear the story of rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Carter-Williams is having the salary for his first three years in the NBA deposited directly into a trust that he cannot touch for three years according to Keith Pompey of Philly.com.

Carter-Williams, who was the 11th pick of this year’s draft, signed a 2-year, $US4.5 million contract and will make $US2.2 million this season. The 76ers also have a $US2.4 million option on Carter-Williams for the 2015-16 season that they will almost certainly pick up.

That means Carter-Williams will likely make $US6.9 million playing in the NBA before he can spend a single penny.

Carter-Williams does have other income. According to Pompey, the rookie is living off money made through his endorsement deals with Nike and Panini cards.

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