The Incredible 75-Year Evolution Of The Superman Logo

warner bros 75 supermanHere’s Warner Bros.’ 75th anniversary logo for Superman.

“Man of Steel” is out in theatres this Friday.

If you’re like us, you’re excited to see if Zack Snyder (“300”) can deliver a successful reboot to the franchise. 

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. unveiled a new 75th anniversary logo for the son of Krypton featuring a silhouette of Supes. 

To get pumped for the release of the new film Friday, we’ve compiled the many emblems Superman has worn over the years.

Maurice Mitchell’s awesome infographic of many pivotal logos served as a guide to our research. 

Most of the symbol changes and development come early on in the first years of Superman’s existence.

1938: Superman's first appearance in Action Comics #1 showed a simple red S on what looked like a police badge.*

*Note: The first image of Superman by creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster was produced in the early '30s.

December 1938: During The Man of Steel's early years, his logo underwent various changes all with primary colours red, blue, and yellow. After a few issues, the symbol came to reflect an inverted triangle with the red S inside in Action Comics #7.

1939: The first Superman comic featured a thinner S in the same triangle.

1940: Whoa! Big change to the logo as Superman #4 reverts to a shield and tosses out the yellow and blue for a black background.

April 1940: Meanwhile, the next few Action Comics switched between a few emblem styles. Here was the inverted pyramid.

May 1940: Superman's logo went back to a shield look momentarily in Action Comic #24.

May 1940: It finally began to take on the shape we're familiar with here, with a bigger red 'S' and large outlined stroke.

August 1940: Action Comic #26 displays what would come to be the iconic pentagonal/diamond design of Superman's logo.

Notice that the symbol is drastically different -- and appears -- on the cape, too. This occurs for a few issues.

September / October 1940: Meanwhile, the Superman comics were still experimenting with the inverted pyramid logo in Superman #6.

November / December 1940: Superman #7 tried out a yellow Superman 'S' with a red background.

1941: The first animated Superman cartoon by Fleischer Studios, and subsequently Famous Studios, debuted a wider pentagonal shield with a red S on a black background outlined in gold.

A total of 17 episodes were created. If you're hoping to check out the series, it's currently streaming on Netflix.

1941: Here's how the logo appeared for much of the next two years. The exaggerated serif at the top of the 'S' became prominent in Superman #9.

January 1944: Superman #26 showed off a diamond-shaped logo that would become the template for all future Superman emblems.

September 1957: The model stayed like this. There was also a Superman Jr. logo seen in Action Comics #232.

1978-1987: Christopher Reeve's Superman emblem looked much the same as Reeves' but was less rounded.

Other photos show the suit and logo would have been metallic.

Note: The first time the Man of Steel was split into two characters, Superman-Red and Superman-Blue, was in July 1963's Superman #163.

The other was Superman Red.

The story explored what would have happened if the Man of Steel crash landed in the Ukraine instead of Kansas.

Below the logo was a release date of May 2010.

2011: When the New 52 DC Comics debut, the Action Comics #1 reboot not only gave Superman jeans, but a graphic T-shirt with his iconic emblem.

2011: A nearly identical logo was used in the reboot of Superman #1 for the New 52 series.

2013: Again, here's Warner Bros. new Superman anniversary logo.

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