$73 Million Buys You McMansion Coop At Star-Studded 740 Park

A couple weeks ago, we told you about the $38 million co-op at 740 Park that went on sale without anyone dying. Well, it turns out that the apartment next door is also for sale. Unfortunately, in this case, the previous owners did die.

But, should you feel that the $38 million duplex isn’t big enough, and you have another $35 million to throw around, you could buy both for $73 million, setting a Manhattan co-op record. (Take that, Pierre penthouse.) That is, of course, if 740 Park’s co-op board allows it. And if you’re willing to pay $73 million for a view of 71st Street.

NY Times: [Randolph L.] Speight died in 1999, and after his wife, June, died last April, the family decided to put the couple’s four-bedroom duplex apartment on the market for $35 million, according to brokers who follow sales in [740 Park].

Since the apartment next door went on the market in late July for $38 million, an enterprising billionaire could combine the two duplexes — the Speight apartment in the C line and the other listing in the D line, both on the fourth and fifth floors — for $73 million, into an extraordinary space of nearly 14,000 square feet, with nine bedrooms, if the finicky co-op board goes along. (The record Manhattan co-op sale price is $48 million.)

But could such a large combined apartment — it would be one of the largest in the city in one of the most exclusive co-ops — stir so much emotion from a board that it would reject buyers even if they had the tens of millions of dollars in liquid assets it usually wants to see?…

The Speight apartment at 4/5C is scheduled to be listed this weekend by Meredyth Smith and Serena Boardman of Sotheby’s International Realty for $35 million. The apartment is slightly smaller [than the $38 million one next door], with its own warren of maid’s rooms, and both apartments face East 71st Street, rather than Park Avenue. The Speights bought it in the early ’60s.

Sotheby’s listing, with floorplan, is here.

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