Samsung's Ad Agency Is Going To Start Making Google Chrome Commercials

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Photo: YouTube

72andSunny — the agency that is responsible for Samsung’s humorous, Apple-bashing, sometimes star-studded commercials — is going to start making commercials for Google Chrome.Google worked with BBH for four years to create intimate, often sappy, consumer-centric “Chrome Stories” that involved things like a dad chronicling his daughter’s childhood and a guy trying to win back his girlfriend. (Although Adweek noted that the latter came “dangerously close to cyber stalking.”)

While 72andSunny might try to stick with the long form ads that go straight for the heart strings, we’re guessing that Google is trying to capture some of the irreverent and viral humour that has put Samsung consistently on top of the charts.

BBH released a statement that, “Our involvement with this project is coming to an end as Google has decided for operational reasons to embark on the next stage of the Chrome journey with an agency on their doorstep in California. This is [the] end of our work on Chrome but we continue to work with Google on many other projects.”

Here’s one of BBH’s ads for Google Chrome in which a single dad sends his daughter off to college:

Take a look at 72andSunny’s Super Bowl ad to see what we might have to look forward to for Chrome:

Tell us what you think of the switch in the comments.

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