It's Not Just The Kids -- 72% Of Online Adults Are Using Social Media

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72% Of Online Adults Are Using Social Media
(Pew Research)
According to the latest Pew Research study, social media usage has proliferated among online adults; 72% use social media today, compared to 67% in late 2012, and just 8% who did so in 2005.
What’s more, the percentage of Internet users who are on Twitter has more than doubled since November 2010, currently standing at 18%. It’s shortsighted to think of social media as a playground for the Internet’s youth, and time to view it as an opportunity to engage with people of all ages and demographics. Read >

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, And Amazon Thrive Among Mobile-Only Audiences (BI Intelligence)
How are the top Web properties performing in the mobile sphere?

Let’s take Facebook as an example. In June, Facebook had 39 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S. who accessed the site solely via mobile devices, according to comScore data shared with BI Intelligence.

That’s a huge pool of mobile-only usage, but to really understand how that impacts Facebook’s audience its useful to make sense of that number as a percentage gain over the desktop audience. *This content is subscriber-only, but click through any of the links in this item for a two-week trial. Read >

Users Can Now Apply For Jobs Directly Via LinkedIn Mobile Apps (TechCrunch)
Job seekers can now submit their profile for jobs directly via LinkedIn’s iOS and Android mobile apps. This move will raise the visibility of LinkedIn profiles as default CVs, and also boost engagement on the app, as well as the efficacy of recruitment ads. Read >

72% Of Small And Medium-Size Businesses Use Social Media For Promotion
The latest study from BIA/Kelsey also found that 52% of SMBs have a Facebook page for their business and 25% have a Google+ Local page. Most importantly, 66% said they are “extremely engaged” or “very engaged” with customers on social media. Read >
The Average ‘Prestige’ Brand Is Present On Seven Social Media Platforms (L2 Think Thank)
More than 75% of prestige (or luxury) brands have a presence on five to nine social media platforms. Facebook is the most popular, followed by Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Read >

Facebook Pays Out More Than $US1 Million To Security Researchers (Economic Times)
Over the past two years, Facebook has paid out more than $US1 million to security researchers who report bugs on the social networks’ site. Researchers in the U.S. were the largest recipients of these payments, followed by those in India. Read >

The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Every Brand (FastCompany)
FastCompany breaks down the social network’s terms, features, metrics, and use cases.

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