This app creates an animated GIF for your million-dollar start-up idea

In the old days, a million-dollar start-up idea was often sketched out on the back of a cocktail napkin.

In today’s world of 140-character tweets and smartphone-screen swiping, a slick GIF may be the way to go.

716 Labs, an “indie app development” studio run by Karl Newell and Scott Falbo has created an app that allows users to turn business ideas into GIFs that can be quickly pitched to friends, family and potential investors. Their side project allows users to quickly send the GIF by email, text, Twitter and other channels to potential investors.

All the user needs to do is flesh out their ideas by entering text and then GIFpitch transforms the animation into a mini slideshow. Entrepreneurs can have their ideas evaluated by an up-vote function, a la Reddit or Yik Yak, to garner feedback from others.

Falbo said on ProductHunt, “We thought sometimes it was difficult explaining an idea in a tweet or a few sentences and it’s really tough to share a pitch in PPT or PDF. Most devices support [the animations] and Twitter is a great medium to share GIFs.”

Newell and Falbo are currently working on customising the animations so that users can add more pop and flair to their business ideas.

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