7 Yummy Careers That Revolve Around Food

It’s that time of year again: the stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year’s when the whole world revolves around scrumptious meals, tantalising treats and sparkling cocktails.

Last November, we ran “Eat, Pray, Find a Job” featuring a delectable selection of our favourite food-based jobs—from dietitian to flavour chemist. The Brazen community had so many good ideas to add, we’ve put together a second edition. To turn your passion for edible goods into a successful job, read on for some delicious inspiration:

1. analyse Food as a Food Scientist
Food scientists develop innovative ways to create safe, durable and tasty food. Instead of a kitchen, you’re usually found in a lab or a processing plant, improving packaging methods, experimenting with new preservative techniques or studying food-related illness. In short, you make the world a more healthy, nutritious and flavorful place to live.

Average Salary: $34,000 – $106,000

2. Celebrate Food as a Corporate Caterer
Company Christmas parties. Holiday conventions. End-of-year galas. If a large group is gathered, you amplify the seasonal spirit with appetizing noshies and decadent meals. Between coordinating servers, dreaming up creative menus and ensuring everything is piping hot, you get to sample your wares—just to be sure you’re providing the best possible eating experience.

Average Salary: $23,000 – $71,000

3. Balance Food as a Nutritionist
While nutritionists are often associated with restriction and the dreaded “D” word (diet), a lot of your work is about sharing new flavours and ways of enjoying food. Using your nutritional expertise, you help clients create healthy menus full of delicious and oh-so-good-for-you ingredients.

Average Salary: $33,000 – $75,000

4. Glorify Food as a Food Photographer
Food photographers know how to capture the luscious red of a ripe strawberry, the mouth-watering steam rising off a sizzling steak and the creamy radiance of a spoonful of gelato. From blog images to glossy magazine shoots, you’re in the business of making breakfast, lunch and dinner shine.

Average Salary: $17,000 – $63,000

5. Market Food as a Culinary Strategy Consultant
Standing at the corner of culinary arts and business marketing, you steer chefs, restaurants and food companies in the right direction. Working on projects ranging from recipe development, food trend tracking and product rebranding, your fresh advice helps get food into the hands of hungry consumers.

Average Salary: $17,000 – $63,000

6. Study Food as a Food Anthropologist
Food anthropologists explore how making, eating and thinking about food shapes cultures across history. This wide-ranging field can take you into any number of sub-specialties, as you research the intersection of food, religion, economy, art, migration, agriculture and more. Basically, this is a dream job for intellectually-inclined foodies.

Average Salary: $31,000 – $89,000

7. Invent Food as a Research & Development Chef
Want to get paid to experiment in the kitchen? R&D chefs mix creativity and culinary science to whip up new dishes for restaurants and food companies. And this job comes with sweet perks: while you’ll log a lot of hours in the kitchen, many R&D chefs also take time to travel the world in search of tasty inspiration.

Average Salary: $34,000 – $106,000

What culinary-inspired career would you add to the list?

Salary data from the U.S. Bureau of labour Statistics.

Annie Favreau works for Inside Jobs, a site that helps people discover careers they’ll love and find the education to make it happen. Join the conversation on Twitter at @InsideJobs!

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