7 TV Shows That Were Saved By Their Fans

Arrested Development

Photo: Carin Baer/Fox via EW.com

Never doubt the power of a devoted audience: Time and again, adoring fan bases have brought television shows back from the brink of cancellation—or actual cancellation.

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Shows like Family Guy and Futurama were resuscitated long after cancellation by the indirect fan actions of DVD purchases and the ratings of reruns on other networks, but sometimes fans take a much more direct role in rescuing their favourite programs.

Here are some of the most fantastic examples of shows saved by their passionate audiences.

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Arrested Development fans mourned the show when it was canceled in 2006. But its untimely end almost came much sooner. Fox almost canceled the series after its second season, which was cut from 22 episodes to only 18 due to low ratings.

Fortunately, fans took to sending letters to the network and even sent executives crates of bananas, a tribute to the Bluth family business. realising there had to be some money in this banana stand, the network agreed to renew the show for one short season.

Later this year, Arrested Development will get a new season that will air on Netflix; there might even be a movie coming after that.

After the end of its first season, the fate of this show about teenage aliens disguised as high school students--which debuted favourably but was plagued by low ratings--was up in the air … at least until fans launched an unusual campaign to save it.

They sent the powers that be at the WB bottles of Tabasco sauce--a favourite condiment of the alien characters on the show. Thanks to the fans' spicy support, Roswell was renewed for a second season on the WB, and made the jump to UPN for its third season, after which it was ultimately canceled.

I'm a big fan of many of these shows, but I've never actually participated in an effort to bring back a show from the brink of cancellation. If any of you have tried to save your favourite programs this way, please tell us about it. What did you do to help your favourite show? And were your efforts ultimately rewarded?

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