7 tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping for Australians

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping events on the US calendar, with retailers offering discounts of up to 80 percent on big ticket items. If you’re stuck here in Australia, there’s no reason why you need to miss out on the action. Here are seven online shopping tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargain hunters.

The following tips come from the retail cashback site Cashrewards, which is predicting a surge of online retail activity this weekend as Aussies look to snap up Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals in force. Last year, the site reported a 250% percent increase in sales over the same period.

“Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditionally US sales days rooted around the holiday of Thanksgiving, the nature of online retail being more global than ever means that both Aussie consumers and retailers are now cashing in on the biggest sales weekend around as though it is their own,” Cashrewards CEO Andrew Clarke said in a statement.

In addition to local retailers getting caught up in the action, shoppers can also take advantage of online deals in the US provided they ship here.

Here are Cashrewards’ top seven tips:

#1 Factor in the time difference

“For US sites, Black Friday is actually Saturday for us down under. However, some retailers try to jump the gun and offer deals on Thanksgiving day (Thursday) which is Friday in Australia. So aim to start scoping the sales on Friday morning, local time!”

#2 Know your sales days

“Traditionally, Black Friday sees stores offering more deals on tech and electronics, while Cyber Monday, being solely for online shopping, has more of a fashion focus.”

#3 Think Christmas gifts, birthdays and beyond

“Don’t just shop for yourself – this is a great opportunity to save a lot of cash on all those Christmas gifts you need to buy anyway, plus every other upcoming birthday or special occasion. Just remember to check shipping delivery times to Australia to make sure gift purchases reach you in time.”

#4 Make a strategic list of wants and needs

“It’s easy to get caught up clicking away through various stores and spend hours being distracted by great deals that you don’t really need. Approach the sales with a strategic list of those coveted items you’ve been longing for and waiting to go on sale, plus practical things you’ve been meaning to get. Snap those up first, and then you can have fun with random finds.”

#5 Be mindful of shipping costs

“There’s no point buying an electronic drum kit online if overseas shipping costs amount to as much as your savings. Stick to lighter goods or shop stores with free shipping. Also look for ‘Click and Collect’ from local retailers, which may be convenient for you.”

#6 Keep track of your spending, and don’t go crazy

“Sales are fun, but credit card debt is not. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t spend more than your means; even the best of deals doesn’t make sense if you can’t genuinely afford it. Be sure to pay your credit card bills before interest kicks in, or spend through payment gateways linked to a savings account, like PayPal.”

#7 Start your shopping mission at cashback sites

“Look for those that have a large range of retailers across categories, and give online cashback straight into your bank account. For example, Cashrewards has over 1000 big name international and local retailers, where you’ll be able to bag bargains from eBay stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, Forever 21, Oroton, Nike store, and many more – PLUS get online cashback on everything you buy.”

This article first appeared on Lifehacker Australia. See the original here.

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