7 things you may not know about Queensland's new premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk

Annastacia Palaszczuk is the Queensland premier after being sworn in this morning.

So who is the new premier-elect and what did she do before she was a politician?

Business Insider has done some digging and found seven interesting things you may not have known about Palaszczuk.

Here they are.

Her family calls her Stacia.

Born in 1969, in Durack, Queensland, Palaszczuk is known to her family as Stacia.

And she's not the only politician in the family. Her father was a long-time Labor government minister, Henry Palaszczuk. In 2006 Annastacia succeeded her father in the seat of Inala.
She is the oldest of four sisters.
Her heritage is Polish.

She was raised Catholic.

She attended cCatholic schools growing up 'as all the Catholics living in that Inala, Durack, Darra area did'.
'My father went to St Edmunds (a Catholic boys college at Ipswich)... so it was natural that I would go to St Mary's,' she told The Brisbane Times.

'There was a lot of walking up hills - I remember that - because they always built Catholic schools on top of hills.'

She studied at the London School of Economics.

Palaszczuk is highly educated with numerous degrees.
She has degrees in Arts and Laws from the University of Queensland, a Masters of Arts from the London School of Economics - where she was a Chevening Scholar - and she has a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from Australian National University.
In 1992 she attended a political study tour in the US and listened to Bill Clinton during his presidential campaign.

She used to work for the new Queensland Treasurer's dad.

Before becoming a politician, Palaszczuk worked as a policy adviser to several former Labor ministers including Warren Pitt, the father of the state's new treasurer Curtis Pitt.

Warren Pitt told The ABC she quickly promoted in the role because 'she showed that she was quite intelligent and she showed also that she had a great work ethic'.

She wants to change the stigma around childless female politicians.

Having being married twice before, briefly to journalist, political commentator and author, George Megalogenis from 1996 to 1998 and then to Simon Every, the former chief of staff to Senator Joe Ludwig, between 2004 and 2009, Palaszczuk said her last marriage didn't survive the toll of years of unsuccessful IVF treatments.

She speaks candidly about this heartbreak, believing her story is one others might relate to.

One day she would like to be a writer.

While her focus remains on political career, outside politics Palaszczuk enjoys reading and writing. She even a budding author.
'I've got a couple of ideas for writing books, but I haven't had time to write those yet,' she told The Brisbane Times.

She needs coffee to function...

Last month, during a radio interview, Palaszczuk was quizzed on the current GST rate, to which her response was: 'pass'.
Criticised for her lack of knowledge she later blamed the gaffe on not having had a coffee.
'It’s been a really busy campaign, I did three radio interviews, and didn’t have a coffee. These things happen,' she later said.

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