7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use All-In-One PCs

hp touchsmart 9300

Photo: HP

Many of you use a notebook computer and work fine with a 14″ screen – all day. Others use 17″ or larger monitors on your desktop. However in some scenarios it’s nice to have an even bigger monitor.Today HP launched a new line of big, 23″, touch screen, flat all-in-one computers.

There’s a model for consumers and a model for businesses, the HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite Business PC.

According to HP’s press release, this beauty can recline from upright to almost flat, providing consumers and business users increased comfort for longer-term use and making it easier for businesses to engage customers.

What’s also nice about this all-in-one is that the LCD screen provides great viewing angles, even when reclined and advanced multitouch technology allows for an accurate response.

While a 23″, tilt and touch screen monitor might not be for everyone, it’s something that at least every business professional should consider.

  1. If you often have clients in your office and show them things on a computer screen – bigger is just better
  2. Being able to touch a screen is an easier experience than a keyboard for image movement and design changes
  3. If everyone can’t stand in front of a monitor, even those on the sides can comfortably view the image
  4. Your customer facing staff can look at a monitor and still see and have eye contact with the customer with a 60 degree tilt
  5. You’ll look very cool and modern. What a great image to portray to clients
  6. With ONE wire you won’t have a tribe of cables snaking over your desk
  7. Ease the strain on your arms, fingers, elbows (maybe even your toes) as you touch a screen to move things around instead of dragging a mouse

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