How Cory Booker Became A Legend

Cory Booker


The cheers have been building for years now. The Newark mayor has garnered plaudits left and right, building a fanbase — and legend — throughout the first years of his political career.Since taking over as mayor in 2006, Booker has maintained firm political footing, establishing himself as a pragmatic Democrat who has prided himself on reducing crime and strengthening education while pushing for independent reforms such as charter schools. The result: a massive online following almost all U.S. mayors would kill for, and a fanbase that dedicates their time to creating tributes, like this one.

The fallout from Booker’s successful record and increasing status is national attention, culminating in Sunday morning’s appearance on “Meet the Press.” It was at that moment that one of Booker’s actions thew the Newark mayor into a pool of adversity. Although he continued making headlines as usual, this time it was not exactly for the right reasons.

For these reasons and others, Booker is one of the most interesting and rising stars in American politics right now. Below, we chronicle some of his top achievements to-date.

Booker is known to personally patrol the streets of Newark at night. Crime rates have been halved

Newark's budget deficit has been cut in half since 2006

A conversation at a dinner between Booker and Mark Zuckerberg resulted in the Facebook CEO making a $100 million donation to Newark Public Schools

Booker personally responds to constituent concerns on Twitter, earning him over 1.1 million followers

Source: Gothamist

On April 12, Booker ran into his neighbour's burning house and rescued a woman, potentially saving her life.

Following his heroics, Booker appeared in a viral YouTube video with Gov. Chris Christie

Source: YouTube

On May 19, Booker was heavily scrutinized by fellow liberals after criticising the Obama campaign's attacks on private equity. He has since backtracked on his comments.

Source: YouTube

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